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 Post subject: Your tinfoilery dose for the day
PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:41 am 

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Apologies if I've posted something like this before. This isn't the first time I've gotten an email like this:

Dear Dr. ***************

For that reason I turn to you because I want to report a crime series, which happened and happening in these days also in the physics Nobel Committee and the whole physics community.
Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov in 2006 created their first graphene. For 10 years hasn't been application area of the graphene.
According to the justification of the Nobel Committee in 2010, the graphene transistors are predicted to be substantially faster than today's silicon transistors and result in more efficient computers.
The silicon is a semiconductor material. It is therefore suitable for making transistors. Therefore the graphene transistor is fully a nonsense imagining because the graphene is not a semiconductor, it is a very good electrical conductor. In regard of the last 10 years Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov received their Nobel Prizes and 10 million Swedish Korona for the NOTHING.
According to the justification of the Nobel Committee in 2015, Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald received their Nobel Prizes for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass.
The Nobel Committee donated again Nobel Prizes and 8 million Swedish Korona for the NOTHING, since yet always is unknown the numerical worth of the frequency, impulse, kinetic energy and therefore the mass of the neutrinos. Without the numerical worth of the frequency hasn't proved that the neutrinos have oscillation and mass. According to a theory of the modern physics pseudo-science, in one light-year thick layer of lead is absorbed only half of the neutrinos, then how is it possible to detect neutrinos and the oscillation of the neutrino? Since Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald haven't one light-year thick layer of lead in their laboratories, therefore the discovery of the neutrino oscillations is only a scam! The neutrino is only an invented particle, which comes from the one wrong theory of the modern physics pseudo-science.
The Hungarian physicist demonstrated that the modern physics is a full pseudo-science in hundred percent degree and he described with eight digit accuracy the electromagnetic physics of photons, X-ray-photons, gamma-photons, muons, electrons and all atoms, thus solving all the problems in particle and nuclear physics. He also gave a new interpretation for the full spectrum of the hydrogen and described the strengthening points of all photons in the hydrogen atom.
At the same time he uncovered the fraud of the CERN manager Joseph Incandela and his team. Joseph Incandela and his team issued a speculative explanation. They said that they detected 133 proton mass Higgs boson. It proved to be a lie, because they detected only 4 muons and 2 photons. The mass of these is altogether 0.4 proton masses. Francois Englert and Peter Higgs received undeservedly their Nobel Prizes and 8 million Swedish Korona for their ridiculous boson theory and the fraud of the Incandela team.
Under the 4 years working on the LHC was executed many billion times billion collisions and was only ONE detection, but it also had been falsified by the Incandela team. The physics Nobel Committee was in collaboration with the cheater Incandela team therefore gave immediately Nobel Prizes still in that year to the two delusional pseudo-scientist.
The building of the CERN monster was 6.4 billion euros and it is completely useless. The CERN LHC is an energy wasting monster and there are payed the thousands of the delusional pseudo-scientists.
All the members of the physics Nobel Committee more than one year known the publication of and the scientific significance of his work is hundred times greater than the lied neutrino oscillations.
The physics Nobel Committee is already not unified. The main problem comes from the fact that the Nobel Committee consists of conservative pseudo-scientists in 63 percent, whose gave under many years a lot of Nobel Prizes for worthless theories and falsified experimental results.
The following persons tried again to defend their modern physics pseudo-science, therefore they voted against 's Nobel Prize for his truth physics science and voted for the worthless and lied "discovery".

Alexander N. Skrinskiy
Anders Barany
Anders Irback
Anne L'Huillier
Bengt Nagel
Bjorn Jonson
Bo Lehnert
Carsten Peterson
Cecilia Jarlskog
Claes Fahlander
Claes-Goran Wahlstrom
Dan-Olof Riska
Denys Wilkinson
Eleanor Campbell
Gert Brodin
Gosta Ekspong
Gunnar Ingelman
Hans Ryde
Ingolf Lindau
Ingvar Lindgren
James D. Bjorken
John Magne Leinaas
Lars Bergstrom
Lars Brink
Lennart Stenflo
Ludwig D. Faddeev
Olga Botner
Paula Anna-Maria Eerola
Per Carlson
Peter Erman
Petter Minnhagen
Reinhold Schuch
Steven M Girvin
Stig Stenholm
Sune Svanberg
Sven-Olof Holmgren
Thors Hans Hansson
Torleif Ericson
Torsten Akesson
Ulf Danielsson
The whole modern "physics" is a perfect pseudo-science with its all rubbish theories and models together. This is verified by .
The continuation of this pseudo-science causes a lot of damage to all nations' economies due to the expensive, fruitless and pseudo-scientific research, therefore it is a CRIME. Is fraud from the money of the taxpayers in any country of the world!
I would like to ask you to investigate and take appropriate legal action in this fraud case! Thank you in advance.
I attached 's two revealing papers below, which is known by thousands of physicists in the whole world, however, it is concealed by all of them.
Still a thing: I also will emailing to your colleagues at your institute in these days in this case, therefore I would like to ask you to notify them! Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Professor Olle Eriksson
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Member of Class for Physics
Uppsala University
Phone: +46 18 471 36 25
Mobile: +46 70 425 07 77
Fax: +46 18 471 35 24
Uppsala University
Inst. för Fysik och Astronomi
Box 516
SE-751 20 Uppsala

Header picture
This is the simple structure of all photons, X-ray-photons and gamma-photons
On base of this simple particle model we get back with 8 numeral exactitude 4 geometrical, 15 dynamical and 48 electrodynamic parameters about any photon, X-ray-photon and gamma-photon particles, with the mathematical equations of dynamics and electrodynamics.
In the reality the photons, X-ray-photons and gamma-photons have mass and electromagnetic energy source and those are a progressive movement performer electromagnetic fields.
The wave feature of these solely at that time appears, if the electromagnetic field of the photons, X-ray-photons and gamma-photons interacts with the electromagnetic fields of the atoms of matter. Thus the electromagnetic waves in the reality are not waves, not spread, but move as a particle, for this reason needless the fictitious, fabled ether. Also in the reality the electromagnetic waves are finite, stereoscopic stretched, independent electromagnetic fields.
The mass is generated by the electromagnetic fields, because the electromagnetic mass is always in direct ratio to the frequency (f) of the electromagnetic fields:
In other respects the mass originates from the vibratory motion of positive and negative elementary charges, that is the mass is electromagnetic feature.
Therefore the gravity is a weak interaction between electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic fields.
The geometrical, dynamical and electrodynamic illustration of all electromagnetic fiels
The electromagnetic oscillation of photons, X-ray-photons and gamma-photons
The arising, radiation and reception of the radio band electromagnetic fields
The determinable electrodynamic factors of all electromagnetic fields
You can to get details if you click on the data tables below.
Data table
Animated equation
Header picture
This is the structure of the Hydrogen atom's 4 light band photon covers
Data table
Data table
The whole numbers show it that the photons, how often get into identical oscillation phase, by the time with one another also got into identical oscillation phase boost the electromagnetic binding of one another in the hydrogen atom. The atoms, select their photons accordingly, whereas is it the best coherent laser beam, in which the abreast progressive different frequency photons within a given time as much as possible boost the electromagnetic oscillation of one another.
This explains the spectra of the atoms, that is the atoms solely such frequency photons can to fix, which within a given time as much as possible boost the electromagnetic oscillation of one another and by this the cohesion and the binding in the atoms. From all these follows that the Rydberg and the Balmer equations are only mathematical connections between frequencies and wavelengths of the hydrogen atom's four photons, which are misinterpreted conformity to physically totally absurd atomic model of Bohr and quantum mechanics of Planck. After the strengthening point 120 the strengthening points to be continued so than 1-120, but the whole numbers are increased in the following way: A1 = A1+500; A2 = A2+675; A3 = A3+756; A4 = A4+800, like it is in the final 120th fourfold strengthening point.
At a chemical reaction those photons are emitted from the atoms which in the chemical binding cannot to boost the electromagnetic oscillation of one another.
Data table
Data table
Data table
Data table
Data table
Data table
Data table
Data table
Header picture
Header picture

Apologies for the graphics not coming through. I think you can still get the picture. :D

 Post subject: Re: Your tinfoilery dose for the day
PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:45 pm 
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Olle Eriksson

Oh. I was going to ask if his older brother was a Nigerian prince.

Y gwir yn erbyn y byd.

(BTW, I'm on Facebook, so friend me, already - since it's just us here, the name is Ceridwen Keeley.)

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